MI- Everything I Have Seen (Creative Video Concept)

MI- Everything I Have Seen (Creative Video Concept)
January 14, 2016 Michelle M
Michelle M
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This an independent creative concept that was created as a possible treatment for the song “Everything I Have Seen – by MI”. It is not a contracted work and no one has the right to publish, use, re-use or apply concepts of this treatment in the Everything I Have Seen video or any other video, without an express written permission from the Author –  Michelle M Umegbolu


The intro starts with the view of a grey wall, and on that wall is only one picture, a framed sketch portrait of MI with a crown on a black canvas with white pencil outlines.

The instrumentals start as the camera zooms in on the portrait. The portrait then goes into close-up mode; the lyrics then start and the portrait comes to life and starts rapping.

Scene II

The scene then switches, and shows MI walking towards a particular direction in slow motion. The background is light grey and clear.

Scene III

It then switches back to MI’s portrait on the wall rapping, and as MI says the line “I done seen brothers turn they back against their brothers”, Da Vinci’s painting of Cain and Abel flashes on the screen (it first flashes in original color and then turns negative).

Scene IV

The scene then switches to a group of people in the same light grey background (males dressed in black and grey clothing) running away (in slow motion) from an unknown danger. The camera focuses on some of the men’s faces, showing their facial expressions (fear and anger), the camera then focuses on their feet (still in motion)

A clip of park trees with bright green leaves and a bright blue sky is shown here, then it switches to the same park but with burning trees and a red sky, then it switches back to the original clip with green leafed trees and a blue sky.

A grid with MI with a crown on his head is seen in the center grid rapping, the other grids are filled with random men looking at MI from all angles and listening attentively in silence. Some nodding subtly as they do so.

Scene V

The next scene (still in slow motion) then shows a wider view of the happenings; MI is still walking in a particular direction while the other random group of people are running away from that direction. (The people are running away from the danger while MI is walking towards it).

Scene VI

It then switches back to the grid image of MI rapping and the random men still listening attentively. This scene then shows MI finally coming to a stop (people are still running in slow motion in the background) as he gains sight of a throne. MI walks towards it, takes a crown which was placed on the throne, sits down, dusts the crown and places it on his head.

The camera is focused on MI on the throne, it then zooms out slowly.

Scene VII

The scene then returns to an up-close of the portrait on the grey wall. The portrait of MI returns to its original inanimate state as the camera zooms out till a wide view of the grey wall is in view. (It ends in the same manner it began).

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