Aries Moda’s 2016 Nigerian Fashion Trends Predictions

Aries Moda’s 2016 Nigerian Fashion Trends Predictions
January 1, 2016 Michelle M
Michelle M
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As the days begin to get hotter and the Touts start to peek through the dusty Harmattan haze, letting out a “hayce fine girl, hafa na” as they lick their lizard lips. Yes, t’is the season that is over. It’s time to thaw out and get to the mall to start filling your wardrobe with the most essential looks for the upcoming season.

Before we go ahead, lets take a moment and look back on the trends we hopelessly followed earlier this year:

Denim 2015

Denim was a little over used in 2015

Denim here, Denim there, Denim was everywhere. From Polo to tops, to jeans, to skirts, jeans, shoes and even hats.. yes, even hats. Girls tucking in their denim tops ever so calculatedly into their ripped jeans, Guys constantly dusting their denim shoes while cocking their stiff jackets. All na show. I know you remember struggling to obtain a denim item earlier this year. If you didn’t posses any item, you simply were not among the “innit girls”… what a silly word “innit” is.. innit?

Moving on. This year was filled with a lot of traditional mashups. New generation designers took it up amongst themselves to transform the way the world views Traditional wears and quite frankly, they did an amazing job. Mixing Ankara and “Roosche Runs” is no easy task. Our designers killed it so hard, we had Jhene Aiko ordering some traditional outfits. Yes, it did happen, its “nurr a jolkin sturvs”.

Fashion fades; only style remains the same. – Coco Chanel

And we are back to the future! Lets take a look through our mystical Aries Moda crystal ball and view some upcoming trends this year:


One overarching trend that’s going to continue to be visible throughout many of the Lagos lines is Ankara. This can be seen in the form of bold stripes and even head-to-toe black and white combinations. The contrast can be reminiscent of ‘80s color blocking, a carryover from 2012, especially when paired with a denim jacket or retro-wash jean. In navy, it can also be nautical-themed.

Full Skirts

Full skirts—on dresses or alone—are also hot for our youth. Ankara overralls with black long sleeved inner wears with a pair of polaroids and fitting snapback on thy braids, isn’t that a sight to behold?. Ankara blazers will continue to be a hit here as well. A contrasting cardigan makes an excellent partner for this piece, as do desert boots, for the Guys ofcourse.

Ripped Leggings

Ripped leggings are going to be everywhere 2016, thanks to the mother of the almighty “Thot Movement”, Queen Amber Rose. (for our igbo brothers and sisters, Thot means Ashawo, and for our Yoruba snehs, Thots are Oloshos) its amazing how such a horrible movement caught on really quickly abroad. Oh well….


The Grunge is Here to Stay (Picture by Creepers)

The Grunge is Here to Stay (Picture by Creepers)

Another trend that is emerging is Grunge. From different wonderful shades of black, to navy styled booties. And a little amebo birdie also told me an upcoming clothing line is planning on merging traditional attires with grunge styled fashion. Nothing like a refreshing punk rock chic fashion movement, a movement still in touch with its African roots.That is something I simply cant wait to rock!

A few trends that we failed to mention include Jallabias, Agbadas, and Crop Tops of every fabric texture. While perhaps not for everyone because of our rising rate of obesity in the country, even Agbadas can look great if done right.

Always remember that the best look is the one that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Don’t make yourself a slave to fashion at the sacrifice of what suits you best. As Coco Chanel herself so eloquently stated, “Fashion fades; only style remains the same.” And wearing clothes that fit and flatter is always in style.

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    Lovely article. Funny and informative .

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    Elegant site, makes me want to buy what you have to offer.

    • aries 6 years ago

      Thank you. We will soon launch our online store. You will be the first to know when we do.

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